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About Sixerclass

Sixerclass is a first of it’s kind platform created to bring value to the skill sector. Our mission is to bring great operational efficiency to training institutes & ensure they Never Miss a Candidate!

Sixerclass is a Mobile Student & Project Management software for Training Institutes to manage their data end to end! Our Analytics help institutes make data driven business decisions enabling better performance at the centers.

Sixerclass is the perfect solution for every training institute irrespective of their size where they can maximize student intake, track progress, get alerts & manage information.



Our Team

The Wonder Woman

Swathi Komandur

Swathi is a highly skilled fighter who can can combat any war. With a passion to make a difference, she quit her corporate job in the US to work in the grassroots. She loves building products with a purpose. She believes in crazy execution and a never give up attitude.

In her free time, she loves listening to old hindi songs, hiking the Himalayas and trying new things (most recent being to code!)

The Spiderman

Ashish Gaikwad

Like the Spidy-sense, Ashish can sense cool & fun technologies. A believer in open-source, he lives life Bindaas! His major interests are robotics, ML or NLP, cars, rockets and satellites.

In his free time, he loves contributing to open source projects & practicing his guitar. Check out his blog @ https://medium.com/@ashgkwd

The Batman

Indresh Vishwakarma

Like the Batman, Indresh has no superpowers but his sheer passion for technology, enthusiasm to try new things and fear nothing attitude is what makes him our Batman. He is a Docker Enthusiast, loves server side programming and cloud computing.

In his free time, he loves solving math puzzles & debating politics

Our Advisors

Vishnu Bhat


Member of the Board @ODCA (Open Data Center Alliance) an industry body driving cloud adoption strategies and requirements for enterprises. Earlier, he was the head of System Integration business globally at Infosys responsible for large and complex systems integration programs and differentiated technology services. A total industry experience of 25 years with the last 22 years at Infosys.


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