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About Sixerclass

Let’s face it…managing a Training Institute can be very tedious from Mobilizing / Sourcing students, training and then placing them. Each of these tasks are extremely challenging. Now add the pain of documentation and not knowing what is happening at the centers!

Try working with Software vendors that don’t understand the skill space or even worse don’t bother responding to your calls, application being down most times, absolutely no guarantee of your data security and cherry on the top – a big dent in your pocket!

We started Sixerclass with a lot of passion to change this very problem. Create an ecosystem for the skill space, solving it with great Technology and even greater customer support. We pride ourselves on it. Try us or talk to one of our clients to believe it.

Our greatest Mission – to bring operational efficiency to every training institute and ensure they never Miss a Candidate!


Our Team

We have the best Domain and Technology experience. Many years of experience in the skill & technology space working with organizations like Tata Institute of Social Sciences – School of Vocational Education, Labournet, Amazon, Intel, etc


Feb 2016 – Experienced terrible data management issues at the skill centers. Realized there needs to be a solution. Spoke to many vendors only to add to our vows.

June 2016 – Sixerclass was born and immediately got selected to be a part of an Accelerator -Amplify.

July 2016 – Had our first Mentor on-board. Vishnu Bhat, comes with 25 years of experience in Cloud and Infrastructure management at Infosys.

Oct 2016 – Launched our first Product – A Lead Management Software to first solve the Mobilization needs of Training Institutes.

Dec 2016 – Customers came back with great reviews for the product but wanted more – all the modules at the institute

June 2017 – Launched the complete Student Management Lifecycle

April 2018 – A proud moment! – Hit a century with the number of centers using Sixerclass

Dec 2018 – Started partnering with more NSDC Partners that loved the simplicity of Sixerclass

June 2019 – Launched the complete Project Management Lifecycle including Targets, Quotas, allocation & more

Dec 2019 – Launched Milestone & Invoicing for Govt / CSR programmes with alerts & notifications

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