From tomorrow morning, Varsito is being rebranded as Sixerclass with a new LOGO, navigation bar and lots of new updates!! As promised, we are striving to make your User Experience better at every step. Here are the new updates for October.

New Navigation – We now have a one click navigation from where you can go to any page. Just click on  to open the menu.

Admitting a Candidate from Enquiry – We have made this process very easy now. Just go to new admissions,  type the phone number or Name, if the candidate already exists as an enquiry, click on them and admit him/her right there. Else do a New Admission.


User Attendance – Now take attendance of your entire staff. Go to Users in menu, click Take Attendance. It’s that simple.

User Management – Invite and Deactivate Users. Go to Users in Menu, based on the teams allocated for the institute, you can create and deactivate any users.


User Profile – Users can now update their profile picture from the settings option at the right corner. Which also includes Logout.

Placements –

1. If a trainee is not interested in Placements, you can now mark as Not Interested with remarks from Profile Page.

2. Adding a job to a trainee. Once you click on Add job opening, you will now be directed to the Companies page from where you can search various companies / openings and add placements. You can add multiple placements with various statuses.

Note: These changes especially the navigation initially may confuse you a little, but just use it for a couple of minutes and I am sure you will get comfortable.

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