I recently read a very interesting article someone wrote, where he compared the Education & Vocational system of China and India. It had great points on how China was doing everything right to increase its literacy & employment levels. Reading that got me thinking on where India is falling short. Is it our Government, is it people like us or something else?  I have been in the Skill Development space for the last 4 years and have learned so much more about the Indian mindset than ever before.

I grew up in a Brahmin household where education was everything. If you aren’t from IIT or Bits or the best college in town, you were the black sheep of the family. Education was so important, that it did not matter if you ended up doing a Ph.D without earning a dime! You can have a B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering, not knowing a thing on how machines worked. It’s actually considered demeaning to sit in a shop floor!!! Not just Brahmins, now I realize most Indian families are like that..atleast in South India. I never realized that I was the same too until I spent enough time outside India, and now working in the Vocational sector.

We keep hearing Mr.Modi often talk about the importance of Skill and how India can become the Skill Capital of the world. But, how is it possible if the intrinsic thoughts in our minds don’t go away? How can it change unless we don’t believe that knowing a skill is far more valuable then being a generalist. Or that knowledge is far more superior than education?

If viewed deeper, the only way perspectives change, is when something is cool or talked about by many people. In India, the change is slow but it isn’t insignificant. Start-ups, individuals, corporate and to an extent the government are all working towards it. But I believe if we can create an ecosystem to bring the Skill Institutes to connect with various stakeholders using technology, the impact can be significant. Today with Smartphone penetration that is possible. Data when managed well can give great insights and allow for new trends to emerge.

Sixerjobs has given birth to Varsito, our technology arm, meaning Varsity (University) Online. Our mission at Varsito is to ensure technology plays a critical role is changing the Vocational Skill & Employment Sector. Our first product is a CRM for training institutes, a simple Data Capture and student tracking system that can help training institutes capture, track and manage all their data without ever missing a candidate. In the future, Varsito is looking at creating an ecosystem of Training institutes, local NGOs and SHGs to create awareness, set standards and ensure quality training and jobs.

Your thoughts and suggestions are important. So, just drop me a line at

Let’s work together to ensure the stigma for Vocational training is completely erased from the  minds & hearts of people!

Thank you!

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