1472727347102Yesterday I was at a Skill Training Institute to meet the director, demo him our product and workout a partnership. When I reached the institute, I was told that the director was away on some important work and should be back soon. So I called him up and he suggested I meet the center head, Anandi.

As I waited for Anandi, I pictured her in my head. When she approached me and introduced herself, I was taken aback. The person in my head and the one in front of me, had were stark opposite. She was very unassuming and someone you could early miss in a crowd.

We started talking and in our 1 hour long conversation (when I completely forgot about the director), she totally mesmerized me. Her confidence, her style of speaking (though her English wasn’t fluent), her vision and her down to earth attitude made me her biggest fan.

Anandi completed her ITI at 18 and joined the training institute as a Kanada tele-caller, with no knowledge of English. Today, as she celebrated her 10th year at the institute, she is heading the center with over 30 people working under her. Her goal is to become the Karnataka Head and eventually a Director. Her eyes lit up as she spoke about where we wants to go.

I asked her how she came this far. And she confidently said, I never stopped learning. I needed money so started working but realized that education & learning can happen at any time. I challenged myself and learned a new skill every year. Now having a Diploma in Computers, she aims to go much beyond. She took classes in Spoken English, Computer Hardware, Tally, Advance Excel and even Mobile Repair. Moving from a tele-caller to an assistant trainer, trainer, a coordinator and now the Center Head.

She is a true inspiration to a lot of youth today. She has demonstrated that one can achieve great heights with Skill training and finding the right job that nurtures your talent, allowing one to grow to their fullest potential and beyond.

Seeing Anandi realize her dreams and potential, it gave me the confidence that my vision and aspiration to provide the right career path and skills to people through Varsito can bring about a real impact in our country. Having said that, I hope every company that hires people, treats them with respect and allows their employees reach full potential benefiting both the employee and employer.

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